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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daughter's Bedroom I

Many of the nick-nacks I place in my renders, come from Google's 3DWharehouse, which is a gigantic collection of 3D models people have designed with a free application called Sketchup.  Supposedly, this little program is touted as everything a normal CAD program is not.  In other words, it's easy to learn.

Next on my list of rooms, is my daughter's room.  She's 7 years old, and really wants a bunk bed.

I pawed through a number of bunk bed models people had published, but I either did not like them, or when I went to import them into Chief, they caused the ray-tracing engine to freak out.  Hmmm... do I want to create one myself?  Sure why not!  So I set out watching a couple of the training vids, and before I knew it was able to design her a bunk bed using Sketchup.

Here is a render of my accomplishment for the day.

Daughter's Room
OK, this bunk bed is pretty massive (even though it's a twin), and I bet would cost a lot to make in materials, and even more to have someone make it.  But it's a good start!

Similar to the niche I created downstairs, I like the curve canopy beneath the bed frame making space for a dedicated desk, or homework space.  A comfortable office chair and office mat, is a nice touch, making the room a practical, private, dormitory.  I like the colors of the room, they are a compromise for a girl-gone-tom-boy, and the chair rail creates a nice division.

I'm not sure I like the extension of the head board into a modern set of shelves on the right.  The coat-hook is OK, but I don't think it's a good use of wood, and not very functional because it's so narrow.

I'm not sure I like the drawer-steps combo she'll use to climb up to the bed.  I've seen this characteristic on many commercial bunk beds, but for such a small room, these steps tend to dominate the space.  Perhaps good though for sticking extra toys, socks, whatever, but again, not sure.

I definitely tend to think these bedrooms are on the small side, so for this room, perhaps busting through the adjacent wall to create a larger bedroom would help!  Might not bode well for resale though, or you families that have more kids.

UPDATE (11-24-2012):
Here is the elevation for the room depicted in the render:


  1. Isz Wisz, you have out done yourself again! Love it! The colors are awesome and the concept is great. I, too, plan to put bunk beds in my grand children's guest room using the twin over full bunk bed with the storage drawers and a trundle underneath to keep the room tidy by storing toys and extra clothing. I love extra storage. I believe everything should have it's own home. :-) I do like the bookshelf extension, but you are right...the shelves are a bit too small to make use of them unless it was a wall for a small collection. I also like the idea that the concept is transitional--it will work for her as she gets older with the dormitory setting which also leaves space for floor play/interaction. I have seen people take the loft and turn into the 5th bedroom or even take bedroom 4 and the closet and made it into a larger room and I have seen people split the loft into two to create two large private bedroom suites which means there is no need for the hall bathroom which could be turned into storage or the laundry room in that location instead of the basement. This is why I love the ROME because you can create what you want.

  2. Interesting... I didn't even think of splitting the loft for two larger bedrooms. Great ideas!

    1. It think it is such an awesome option to split the loft into two large suites if the family needs it. You are right bedroom 2, 3, 4 are small. I have to split up our current queen size bedroom suite into both bedroom 3 & 4 to avoid over crowding the rooms (not to mention it's not going to fit anyway). lol

  3. Nice idea. We use the loft as a play area and eventually both kids will have desks there as well, then they don't need as big of a bedroom.

    Where is the closet?

    1. Gina, we are using the loft as our study/library lounge! I love books and have a huge collection of nearly 2000 books. It will be set up similar to a library with desk, chairs etc.

      BTW-I think the closet is on the wall next to the white dresser in the picture but not exposed of course.

    2. That's right, the closet is where the camera was placed. See updated photo in this post.


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