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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sitting Room I

It's depicted as the "Living Room" but, I like to call it the Sitting Room--a place to congregate after a formal dinner, a place to read, a place to invite guests in for transient conversation.

I've just started working on it, so the render has a ways to go.

Sitting Room
Here's my notes I sent to a co-worker, and her reply (she's known for her exceptional interior decorating talents).

Here’s what I came up with for enhancements to the “Sitting Room”.  If you have any ideas, feel free to reply!


  • cut a large hole in lower shelf of coffee table to expose more of the area rug
  • make wicker texture on coffee table a smaller print
  • make legs of coffee table hard wood (see what can be done in Sketchup)
  • add chair rail to all walls
  • paint lower part of wall burnt umber(red) to match accents in area rug
  • change out loveseat to use link above (keep same texture—buttercup)
  • change out chairs to use link above (keep same texture—brown)
  • curtain rod should be same charcoal color as lamp stands, and Aztec Calendar molding
  • replace vases by window with a chest, and add some books or blanket on top (helps viewer know where the open book on coffee table came from)

  • Does the right corner need some accent artwork?
  • Do the lamps/shades work?
  • This room embraces circles
  • The Aztec calendar may be too big, may need to be darkened up a bit, as if fashioned in clay or oil-rubbed bronze
  • Does the reading lamp work, how can it be changed?

  • I think we could amp up the textures in the room by adding sofa-side tables with a satin finish (in stained or painted wood).
  • The matching side tables and lamps are predictable.  I might try mixing them up and still try to achieve balanced visual weight on both sides of the sofa.
  • I like the idea of adding a chair rail.  Crown molding would be nice too.
  • The sage green color in the rug would really warm up the walls and make the curtain color look fresh.  Sage green on top would look nice with the burnt umber below the chair rail.
  • Tab top curtains tend to create visual clutter between the rod and the body of the curtain.  You might want to try a simple pinch pleat-style or perhaps grommet-style curtains with yellow gold or oil-rubbed bronze rods.
  • The wall medallion (Aztec Calendar?) is a bit heavy in its current place.  It might work better on a side wall.
  • People using the side chairs need a place to set a drink or a book.  A small side table on the left could work well.  Maybe a tray-top storage ottoman on the right would add function.  This would replace the vases and take the place of a chest.
  • I like both loveseats (the one in the picture and the one in the link).
  • The floor lamp adds bling … maybe a yellow gold finish would fit the room.
  • Final touches (wall art, table top accessories) can be added last. 


  1. I tried to click on the link for the love seat but it's asking for a username and code. This is well thought out! I am still designing each room of my house and each room has it's own theme. I wish I knew how to use this tool--it's awesome!

    I love the green love seat! My suggestion would be to have a focal point in each room of the that catches people's eye and turns into a conversation immediately. In other words, choose a vibrant color that will have the room stand out and choose colors from the palette and mix them together. And throw in accessories with different textures, colors and designs. As you can see, I love the wild factor and it can be tailored to each person's taste.

    1. BTW-the wall medallion (Aztec calendar) can be converted to a ceiling mount with a nice chandelier to bring that warm and cozy feeling. I also like the idea of using an ottoman for the coffee table that can be used as extra seating, if necessary.


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