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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hits close to home

Stopping by the lot is becoming a daily routine, and growing into an enjoyable part of my day, something to look forward to. 

It's amazing to think that such a force of action such as building a home can result from such a simple idea, a simple need--home. I've easily taken for granted all the feats human kind has created, bridges, sky scrapers, rocket ships, it's nearly endless, but here, this idea hits close to home (pun alert). 

And to my enjoyment, I owe the thoughts and ideas of many others who've come together into a veritable symphony of possibility, they are the foundation of my new home--my new Rome.  Sure, there is more to go, but this massive displacement, and the excellent work performed thus far, is creating a genuine space of satisfaction. 

Thank you for your good work!


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  1. I know for us, when the foundation was put it, we thought it looked WAY too small. Hubby even measured to make sure everything was the correct size. But once the walls went up, it was easier to give it something to compare to and the house looked huge. Congrats on the start - it will go pretty quickly from here on out.

  2. You brick is just absolutely beautiful! Imagine the beauty coming through them once they are power washed!


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