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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tools of the trade

Wow, the brick is beautiful!  Maybe because it's freshly laid and still a little damp?  Anyway, I'm happy... will check it out again tomorrow during daylight.

Why this small layer of red brick?

Closer up - Why this small layer of red brick?



  1. The brick is beautiful! Which one did you go with? I don't see exterior choices on your selections post, did you mention it somewhere else?

  2. I ought just post my final selection sheet, or really go back and update that original post. Anyway... it's Grand Caramel. I recall another blogger getting the wrong brick delivered, so I checked and it stated it on the palette.... PM is on top of it!

  3. No wonder I like it! We got the same one. Looks a lot different at night, though! :)

  4. The brick is beautiful! That color was not offered in our community--it's stunning. They delivered the wrong brick to our home to and glad I showed up before they began installing it! It's important to check everything even the level of padding and carpet color because they do goof!

    1. It was you! Haha, couldn't remember... but good advice! I go out to the lot and start rattling off pics, only sometimes do I remember to ask the question "Is this right?"


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