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Monday, January 7, 2013

Plundering the dumpster

Checking the dumpster has become a regular affair for me.  It's also been a good exercise of balance climbing the busted up, bendy metal, blue chipped ladder, and scaling my way across a veritable I-Beam to get to locations where some juicy remnants may be ripe for the taking.

Today I snagged 4 boxes of tile.  Two boxes of each actually.  An excellent day in the dumpster because who knows, maybe one day I will want to replace a cracked piece difficult to match.  But heck!  There may even be enough there for tiling who knows what?  I even found some backsplash tile, not much though, that must have gotten tossed in the mix.  I know I didn't order any backsplash, but I snagged it anyway, just in case I choose that style for my future kitchen renovations.

Of course the real creme-de-la-creme was snagging some vinyl siding.  In fact there is another box of it sitting on the ground waiting to be used to finish up the front of the garage.  I know for certain there is more in that box than will be used, so I've got my eye on it!  Who knows when the next hurricane will blow a couple panels off.  Heck!  I may even use it to cover a dog house, or someday tool shed.

What's most interesting though, is all the crap neighbors throw in there too.  My dumpster was especially popular over x-mas.  From Christmas trees, office chairs, wrapping paper... I even found a gutted deer lobbed over the edge.

We humans certainly are a thrifty bunch... always seizing an opportunity when eyes aren't looking ;)

Blessings to your treasure finding dumpster plunders.



  1. Nice findings in the dumpster! I think if there weren't potential eyes looking around our dumpster, I would probably take a look in there too :)

  2. Wait a minute -- do you mean gutted DEER!

    I remember Megan starting this trend of dumpster diving and creating a herbal box with the left over 2*4s. IT inspired me to go diving so that I can make one too!

    On two different days I even had the trades diving with me! LOL!

    The worst part is watching the guys throw things away that are useful! I told one guy to go back and get my hardwood floors he just threw in the dumpster and he told me they are required to clean up and throw away all of the trash or they would get a ticket!!

  3. Nice finds, except for the dead deer of course.

    Nadase, I wonder who would give them a ticket for not throwing away perfectly good wood? The workers saved most of that for us... we have a stash of stuff under the stairs in our basement. I was bummed to see them throwing away extra cabinet trim pieces the other day though!

    1. M, there was hardwood thrown everywhere outside and I stacked it in a pile to leave in the garage. Once they started cleaning I did not realize the guy had picked up the stack until it was too late. It was also dark and we couldn't retrieve it.

      Anyway, I told one guy to leave it for us and the other guy wasn't aware of it. When I asked him why he threw it in the trash he said they are responsible for cleaning up their mess or their employer would find out from the PM and give them a ticket which is probably a fee.

      I must admit he looked pretty scared when I suggested that he not throw it away and leave it in the garage. lol The leader told us they saved us a box and put it in the basement. So I was relieved to find out we had an entire box for future usage.

  4. Wow!! You have me ready to dive into my dumpster once I get it! Well, except for the deer part...*shudder* Nice finds!

  5. I was never brave enough to "get in" the dumpster, only on my hubby shoulders to see inside of it and grab what I could. It was placed outside our bedroom window so I could see if anything good was in it........we only got padding and carpet out of the deal. They removed the dumpster the day after I went it's gone :(

  6. You are very brave going in there! Ours is overflowing at the moment and we aren't even going to attempt going anywhere near it!


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