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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sitting Room II

I've been pressing on with the sitting room, getting closer to something I believe would impress those who walk in the front door.  It's still a ways to go, but definitely an improvement over my first pass at it.  Taking the advice of my coworker and Nadase, I shuffled some things around, added some color, swapped out some furniture and arrived at the render below.  The biggest realization for me was that a yellow (buttercup) couch wasn't going to work, like it was the wrong color to use in order to accentuate the area rug.  Once I got over that, the room evolved into a new level of sophistication.

But as I've said, it's still not quite there yet.  The biggest challenge is dealing with the flow between rooms.  The composition above shows a taste of this, because the dining room has not yet received any attention.  I can't just paint the dining room the same colors, and I can't just go and pick new colors either.  What to do? What to do?

To show you just how significant color is, and what it does to a room, take a look at another render I did, just before adding the burnt umber shown previously.

This render is brighter, more subtle, but the furniture gets lost.  Still though, I like it.

So how to achieve blending the flow of both rooms, so the Dining Room is a separate, yet logical extension of the Sitting Room?  So both can stand on their own, yet be complimentary?  So that a conversation in one room, can participate in conversation in the other, yet be separately told stories?

The last render may just achieve that idea!  I'm a bit nervous painting a single wall two stark colors as shown in the first render above--Sage Green, and Burnt Umber.  What if, we use one color in the Sitting Room, and the other in The Dining Room?  Then came an idea to paint the ceiling in the same color as below the chair rail for the same room.  But a painted ceiling might be too much, so perhaps add a shallow coffer to both.  Now I just need to decide which color to use in which room.

This is a screenshot of the camera view before taking a render.  It shows a 6 square, coffered ceiling in each room.  Perhaps 9 square would be nicer.

I thought the burn umber would look nice in the Sitting Room to give contrast to the cream-colored furniture, while the Sage Green color would look nice in the Dining Room to give contrast to that furniture.

Updated (11/18/12):
I created a render for the Sitting Room with the paint scheme and coffered ceiling over the night and here it is:

Updated (11/19/12):
And again will a full coffered ceiling.

Thanks for following along!  It's definitely an iterative process, but perfection is sure to be found!


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