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Friday, November 2, 2012

Flood lights

I inquired about floodlight cost some point during negotiations.  Though I don't recall the quoted cost (maybe +/- $100?), I do recall opting out of it given it's something I might later customize myself.

A ladder, a drill, some wiring tools should do it.  But it would be extremely nice to have a couple tied-off electrical leads, pre-drilled and tucked beneath the vinyl siding, something for me to complete later [hints].  If I can't get that, then my option would be punching through the exterior directly opposite of an internal electrical outlet.

On to other exterior electrical...

Then there is my interest in an external security system.  Cameras, tied into my network, synced, and encrypted to some offsite remote storage facility.  Where would the cameras go?  How many would I have?  How would I connect to them?  What is their power source?  A camera should be inconveniently mounted out of reach, be inconspicuously powered, and automated.  Though not a final deterrent, video is an excellent trail of evidence for whatever the aftermath it presumes to protect.  Not a unruly thought, given the sign of our present times!

What other electrical options to the exterior should be considered?

On a more comfortable note, those with a front porch, are you getting recessed lighting?  Elevation N appears to depict this as accurate.

How about solar?  Backup generator?  Recently I saw a generator at Costco for $2,500.  It appeared to run on propane, and appeared not difficult to install. 

Musing for the evening!


Excavation begins Monday.


  1. Recessed lights in the porch are standard on the Ravenna Elevation C, so I would think they would be in the Rome also.

    For the security cameras, we are having Guardian add four additional cat5 runs. Once the house is framed, we'll figure out exactly where they're going to go.

    We are interested in a whole house generator too, but one that runs on natural gas. A friend of mine has a generator that runs on propane and it costs a fortune to operate. Of course, once we get one installed, we will probably never need it! :)


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