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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Black ooze

Today the lot looks much cleaner, tidied up, and possibly ready for framing.  Moisture sealant (black ooze) was spread across some of the exterior surfaces, and with the frames removed, the step-down retaining wall is clearly visible.



The Sphincter


  1. Coming right along! Do you know what those orangey-pink boards are for?

  2. It's some type of dense insulation, like imagine that pink, fluffy (Pink Panther) stuff, but condensed. I touched some of it lying around, and I could tell it would easily collapse, and crumble. I'm guessing, it's designed to absorb moisture, prevent it from contacting the cement walls, and seeping through. This is why it is covering just those walls that would coincide with interior walls (though I wish it covered the everywhere). I believe the moisture is supposed to condense, then gravity feed to the foundation base, collect in some type of perimeter tube, and flow out somewhere aft of my property line.

    1. Oh good, I had marked this post to come back and ask if you found out what that was, and someone did it for me! That does make sense, especially for why it was only in certain areas.


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