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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dig Dug

Looks like a new hole in the ground, strangely geometric...

PM Update:

From discussion with my PM, the lot grading will require a retaining wall extending from the left-end foundation wall (SW corner).  There were some other options, but I am satisfied with a retaining wall since it should create an extended level area for my backyard.  We agreed this will be poured concrete and brick veneer, capped with brick, and possibly step down, so the exterior face of the wall retains a symmetrical height a few inches above ground.


  1. Alright alright, let the digging begin!!!!

  2. Are they charging you extra for the retaining wall? We're goin to have quite a bit of slope, and I'd really like to suggest a retaining wall but we really can't afford to add another charge in.

  3. No, it is a consequence to the natural limitations of the lot.

    1. Ooo, natural limitations of the lot! I'll have to use that! :D

    2. There's more where that came from ;)


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