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Sunday, September 8, 2013
The Loft

The Loft

Those of you who have followed my previous work will be familiar with my renders.  Well, this weekend I was at it again.  Haven't quite perfected this one, but its been on my mind so I thought I would start putting together a concept for the loft.  While I like the idea of a TV hanging on the wall, it's just not enough.  Also, shopping around for media consoles is a lost cause, so gonna have to build one myself.

Mainly, my interest was sparked because I have been researching speakers.  Can't say I am an audiophile, but I have  an interest in nice sounding\looking speakers, and given me and my family spend a good deal of time in the loft, creating a slick, comfy, hang-out spot has been on my mind.

One thing to note, is that boxy straight lines are a little predictable.  For this console, I wanted to add a little architectural interest.  Adding a convex edge to the tile backslash and valance gave it a subtle WOW, which is accentuated by the crown-molding above.  With convex speakers, convex modern sconces, and convex light-patterns, the room gets some dimension, while staying warm and cozy.

I can imagine an industrial coffee table, and end table with thick chunky wood tops, and steel square legs,  The window treatments don't work quite well yet.  I do like the bamboo blinds, but struggling with the valance.

The following photo is what another couple days will do.  Iteration after iteration, the details start to bump out with creative possibility.  The previous POCs I started to get the feeling I was drinking a Vinti Cappuccino--too much brown.  And while all that brown is neutral and safe, I started feeling that while there were some good qualities present, the room was just not popping for me.  The valances did not seem to fit, the orange Fall tones were getting boring, and the console was a little too plain.  What is fascinating, is that doing something as easy as changing the wall color, totally opens up a new paradigm, and so, behold!

Now things are starting to pop.  Having a dark, svelte blue wall, with platinum white columns, and crown molding galore, really creates some dimension.  Now, the valance of white and gray chevrons works, and the green accent pillows give the room some color.  Also, the molding on the columns is sorta unique, slightly Japanese, chunky and bright.  The console, however may be drifting off some, and I am getting less enthusiastic about this time back-splash, but tile itself is still interesting, just perhaps not this tile.  I am thinking a glassier tile, clear, silver, tempered greens, maybe.

A couple more ideas, perhaps I will post in revision 3, might include molding footings for the columns, missing base boards, a platinum white ceiling, perhaps a convex valance, and a couple art pictures.

Here's another revision, shows what another couple days of free time will do.

This one I actually created 3D glass tile for the console.  None of the colored tiles were working, so I decided to roll my own.  Still not certain this is what I would end up doing, but it looks better than before.

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