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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has had a different set of challenges, not just because it's a different room, but more importantly, it has different meaning.  My biggest challenge was balancing the room with both feminine and masculine characteristics.  It's not another "man cave", and it's not a queen's bed chamber.  Stated another way, it's a place where both sexes (if applicable) can feel at ease without competing or subconsciously struggling for power (role play excluded).

Similar to previous examples, these renders will show characteristics that fall within the DIY category, but so far not too terribly drastic I think.

The first render is looking from the sitting area into the bedroom.  It is an older take with white columns and a white marble shelf.  The sitting area was a bit cramped for space, so to make room, and add the columns, I brought out the wall about a foot, which also made space for custom cabinets (a personal fav).  

Across the room, is a head-board wall, covered in a blue mosaic tile glass.  It extends into the room just a couple inches to give a unique accent, and importance to the canopy bed.

The dark wood furniture used through out, though it came out almost black, is really intended to be espresso (thing train track tie, but see the lower quality photos toward the end to get a better idea).  Adding a few gray stained, washed out and weathered pieces, like the blanket chest, keeps the room in balance.

In this render, after realizing the room scale was teetering on the feminine, and realizing I liked the columns, I decided to give them more girth, so I kept the pony wall, but made the columns full height with the same dark espresso-colored wood.

Note: I'm envisioning a Celtic knotted pattern routed into the wood.

Additionally, I began experimenting with a cove lighted ceiling.  Unfortunately, here is where I began running into limitations with Chief Architect and the inability it has to simulate rope lighting.

You can really see the reflective qualities of the glass tile though, and the subtle glow of the pendant lanterns in the far corner near the sitting are warm up the place.

There are a number of good camera angles still required to capture some of the architectural and decorative ideas built into this room, so I will try to post a few more as I snap them, here are a couple more low quality takes.



  1. Looks good. Just remember that the wall you are extending a foot is structural. I'm not good with engineering so I don't know how easy it would be the wall out. I like your ideas for the sitting room. We opted to put in the bathroom room, so we don't have a sitting room, but the room is so wide that even with a king size bed we have plenty of room on either side for seating.

  2. Thanks Gina K.!!! I think, though I'm no expert, in this case the structural component of the wall would remain in place, and the extension would just create a small amount of dead space by the door. Also, the transom by the columns doesn't normally exist, so all that could be framed in for aesthetics. In my previous post "Elevation modifications" it turned out there was structural impact by the study. I still think it would be doable there, but that request was, as everyone expected, denied.

  3. AT it AGAIN, WISZ!! Love your ideas! You picked my favorite three colors, purple, black and green! Most of our bedrooms had these colors and now I am thinking of other colors and it is definitely an act of balance to maintain both feminine and masculine energy. We have this same bed in your render a queen size that will now be the guest bedroom furniture. One of the things I have done and will continue to do is have the accessories represented in pairs. For instance, pictures hung have both genders, I do hand statue, an old keepsake of a male and female doll. Our mission statement hung in a frame etc etc.

    On anther note: Your sitting room is very nice! We opted out to create a gentlemen's closet for my husband. I took the sitting room area and the closet and combined them into a very large closet. On the floor plan it is the same size as the study with an open casing.

  4. Wow!!1 That is a large closet, I bet he's liking it! Now that you put forth the idea, I was talking with my significant other about the prospect of remodeling the bathroom one day, and if it is feasible. She thought that would be a good idea if I end up keeping the home for along time, but envisioning a luxury bathroom would mean more space, so I thought of removing that closet. Perhaps making the other closet bigger like you have would make up for it, but there does appear to be a lot of resale value in having two (his & her) closets.

    1. That's a nice idea! My husband knew I wanted to have a dream closet so he suggested we knock down the wall in the master bathroom closet and create an open casing to bedroom #2. It looks fabulous!! And we will build a closet system in his closet and mines. I can't wait! The idea we plan to go with down the road is to take the tub out and replace the entire area with a huge Roman shower with all the great spa shower head gadgets. I wish we could have done that from the beginning but of course, they would have looked at like I was crazy and said NO! I think I will also have the california closets build a nice built in shelf in the water closet for additional storage.

    2. Just Google'd California Closets.... SUPER NICE!!! Let me know how it goes, what your experience, satisfaction level is, if you don't mind ;)

    3. We used the Martha Stewart closet system from Home Depot. Pretty easy to do ourselves and they have a nice online planning tool. - Pictures are here.

  5. We have also considered cutting into the closet off the bathroom. The closet off the bedroom is more than big enough for our clothes, especially using a closet system. The other closet is mostly empty and only holds some out of season clothes. But then again we don't have as many clothes as some people. I would rather have a bigger bathroom than a second closet I don't use. With as big as our house is, the bathroom is ridiculously small. The is no where to put towels near the shower except to put hooks on the glass. I have no where to put a trash can except in front of the toilet and then I kick it constantly. There is hardly any room under the counter and the drawers are a bit useless as every time I close a drawer everything inside falls over. So expanding into the closet would be great.

    1. No doubt... it is small considering. Perhaps RH could change the whole house perimeter in future elevation revisions, by increasing it a foot or two to make room for some of its shortcomings. If I start to tackle the bathroom, I'm going to take the approach of removing that closet! :)


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