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Friday, October 19, 2012

Precon Scheduled

Voice-mail from SR, pre-construction meeting scheduled for next week, 10/24.  Non-standard request for back deck stairs came back at $2995.00.  Hmmm... seems spendy!

Would you pay this much???


  1. That seems a bit much. But then, we were told that the higher the deck the more expensive, so maybe it's not that bad. I'd get a couple quotes first, if you have the time. We're resigned to getting this done after we move actually didn't even occur to us to ask for it as non-standard!

  2. We were told that each step was $250.

  3. Hi Isz Wisz! Awesome you have your pre con date which you know means a break ground date is just moments away! Did they give you both dates?

    As for the deck--our SR priced out our deck at $48 a square foot (expensive). We were considering a 11x21 deck which would have cost us $11,088. I started doing some research and became extremely uncomfortable with those numbers and thought about what we could do inside the house structurally with that money and immediately changed my mind. It just did not make sense considering that the options were ranging from $25-35 bucks with the competitors in the area (Home Depot, Lowes, those guys) . Plus I wasn't sure what the layout was going to look like with the change in the lot placement and I felt like it was smarter to wait and work with someone who could create the design I have in mind for that cost. So we opted OUT! Lastly, during the winter/fall months decker builders are always providing major incentives because business is slow so I am sure you can get a better deal and maybe even consider using those dollars towards something you may have wanted in your home that you did not get. We ended up finishing our small storage room and got the Central Vacuum System with Crumb Catcher that was on my wish list and still had 50% of our money credit back to us from the cost of the deck.

  4. RickandNadase,

    A wise distribution of your allocation, thank you for sharing your reason!

    From a simple logic perspective, I'm not certain whether there will be enough level back yard to accommodate a nice flight of stairs. So on that awareness, I am tending to back out.

    It doesn't stop there for me though. I can't help but to relate to my counter-part while we once were talking with another builder about extending the morning room a few feet. After hearing the cost, her comment was, "The whole point of a morning room is to sit comfortably, but I don't think I'll be able to sit comfortably knowing I was @ss-r@ped $25G for it."

    That memory was conjured up in my mind the moment I heard stairs on the back deck would cost me $3G.

    Let's do some math!

    So if there were 15 steps in the whole flight, what would be the cost per step factored out over 5 years? Assume I went one round trip on the stairs 2X per week, so like 60 steps per week right? 52 weeks per year * 5 yrs = 260 weeks. 260 weeks * 60 steps/wk = $3G / 15,600 steps = .20 per step! So each week I would be spending $12.

    $.20 per step!

    If I can go to a movie today for $10.00, then every fifty steps i should have the equivalent enjoyment as that of a movie.

    What the F**K is wrong with our economy?

    1. lmbo!! You never cease to amaze me! Love the math and the comment from the woman about the morning room! lol It makes perfect sense some of the prices are well beyond the cost. I thinking backing out is the smarter choice and hiring a contractor after settlement. You will have lots of contractors promoting their product at your door step.

  5. It depends on how handy you this something you can do yourself??

    Also, I would not do it because we could do it ourselves, but I realize not everyone has mad "man skillz" BUT on the same side of the coin, do you want to roll that into your mortgage or pay cash

    I opt to pay for it later.

  6. In my book, if you really can get the same product for substantially less elsewhere, (like you can with lots of Ryan upgrades) there's no question that it's better to wait, unless there's some particular reason it needs to be done by closing. (If it just won't be the same unless it's built in, that's one thing but if it really is all the same...) I've had some differences with DH on this, though, so obviously there are other opinions.

  7. Great... thx for the good advice. It is settled (will do it my self).

    1. Wise choice, Isz Wisz!!! You will have lots of money and you will get to customize it to your needs.

      How did the reconstruction meeting go?

  8. For things that would be harder to add after construction, we added up front, for things we could do easily enough after construction, we didn't add. So for us - stone front, stone fireplace, and morning room - but at the time, I think the morning room was included (with credits). The basement was also supposed to be included, but since we can do that after construction, we used those credits elsewhere. The deck wasn't even an option - and neither was an crown moldings, but even if they were, we probably still would have held off because we can either do it ourselves or pay someone a lot less than Ryan would charge.

    1. No doubt! Adding stairs to the back deck seemed to me like one of those enhancements that falls into the DIYS bucket. Adding a concrete driveway, sure I could have done this also, but my SR added it at a reasonable price. A banister, instead of capped wall in the stairwell, ya, didn't want to mess with that at all! So you are right, it's wise to evaluate what you think you can do later, over what should be done by RH, with structure being a key factor.



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