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Friday, October 26, 2012

More Renders

I'm posting these new renders to provide some guidance to my PM when grading the lot.  Far from perfect, and probably more for my entertainment than will actually serve much influence, but the following is my best guesstimate on how things will be situated.  Some notable differences from last renders:
  • Elevation is reversed according to plan
  • Concrete driveway follows terrain
  • Concrete driveway slopes up initially then levels out to the garage
  • Terrain slopes downward in elevation from the South to the North
  • Terrain slopes downward in elevation from the East to the West
  • Terrain around back deck is level for a couple feet before sloping downward to the conservation area


  1. WIOW! THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC! You have skills Isz Wisz, I wish I had these....what program are you using?

    I can't wait to see your ROME complete! I believe it will be the first Elevation N on the blog. The ROME is such a beautiful home and so huge. Question: the driveway is slopes up and then levels out--how does this affect the water flow?

    Can you do mine's like that???? I have Elevation C with the porch. In our community, in order for RH to install a railing the porch must be 30 inches from the final grading. I would really like one very similar to what you created in these renders. As of now, it looks like we may not need one which means checking with our HOA to see if they will allow us to install after settlement.

    1. I might be able to... as for the porch, we talked about that at the precon, and a rail is installed for code based upon what you said. I just had it because I didn't know at the time, so it is likely I will take it out. I'm fine if there isn't a rail.

  2. Cool! Looks like you have a similar situation to us, grading-wise.

  3. Looks great. That is quite a slope on the side - hope you have a strong back to push the lawn mower up that! Looks a bit as severe as Sgt. Rich's side - but looks great for sledding!


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