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Monday, October 1, 2012

Further down the rabbit hole

Last week, I headed over to the Ryan Homes, Waverly model in Fox Creek, which is where I can usually find my SR busy managing the demand of new prospective homeowners.  My SR, Aaron, wasn't there, but fortunately his assistant, Megan, was.

Heading further down the rabbit hole, I committed to writing my second earnest deposit check.  Now I'm $10,000 invested in what I hope to be a successful outcome with Ryan Homes as my home building partner.  I can't decide if it takes a certain stupidity to let go of that kind of cash, or if it takes nerves of steel, because as of this moment, the only tangible asset I've got is a photo of me standing next to a "SOLD" lot sign 95, and a 3" legal binder full of scanned documents.  Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, then much like the other folks who have stepped before me, it should not be long before I'll have more photos, and eventually, that shining new set of keys everyone is talking about.

Talking with Megan, which BTW is way better looking than Aaron and Winston combined, got me thumbing through the elevations book.  I hadn't previously had the chance to look at them all, this being the big stack of papers which, as I discovered, goes into a great bit of detail about how a Rome may be built.

I'd asked for a copy of the big stack of papers, hoping to look through them in leisure, without having to take up anymore of Megan's time.  Trying to be of great help, Megan wanted to ensure I was getting the most recent revision, so she gave my SR a call (t'was his day of rest) to find out.  As was found out, releasing copies from the big stack of options was a big NO-NO, since they are technically "blue-prints" that if released, might afford me the opportunity to just go out and build the Rome myself.  Now I'm no architect, but my perception of what blue-prints are and what these papers were varies considerably (too many 1970's flics probably).  Also, I'd hardly expect taking these Copyrighted documents to any other builder would be of any use.  I could be wrong.  If I had to guess, these are the real reasons copies are discouraged:
  1. The plans often go through a myriad of changes and formal revisions
  2. Copies may end up as public domain, out on the internet where prospective buyers can review without necessarily having a SR to bias them through process
  3. If a change or revision is significant enough, prospective buyers would have former knowledge to potentially non-profitable options Ryan Homes no longer cares to support. 
I'm going with reason 3.

Nonetheless, Megan was sweet enough to let me take a couple copies, first floor plan, second floor plan, elevation N, and if I needed more to ask my SR for them.  To respect the possibility of getting my SR in trouble, and dear sweet Megan, I've decided not to post them here, but I'm impressionable ;)


  1. hee SR gave me some illicit copies, too. I can't even read them for the most part, and the stuff that I really wanted them for is not always notated, so I'm not sure what good they do me! I ended up just going back to the model and taking my own measurements.


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