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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And so it begins

Stopped by the lot today knowing it was scheduled to be cleared.  I just so happened to catch them in the act, which was surprising given it was late in the day (shouldn't they be trick-or-treating).

Two guys, one knocking them down, one waiting to chop them up.  Spoke to the fellow waiting, nice guy & sociable, mentioned they can usually clear two lots a day and might work till 11PM.  Asked 'em how much they get for the lumber, he figured maybe $300 for the lot, maybe a little more if there's some good wood in it.

We gave our thanks to the trees, stood and watched awhile, then made it home before it got dark.  Amazing how therapeutic it is watching heavy machinery plow dirt around, almost like watching a campfire.

Lot's of beeping... you've been warned!




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