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Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking the line

The property line...

Took a trip through the forest today around what is I expect Lot 95.  It does appear to be remarkably bigger than I thought, but even walking it, it's hard to ascertain where the house will go, how much space it will take up, how much front yard there will be as opposed to how much backyard, and how many trees will be left standing when my house moves in.

I'm definitely a tree-hugger, so I hope there will be many left standing!  So the ones that are, I ask forgiveness now, since their bothers and sisters will soon perish!

A moment of silence...

OK, thank you!

Here's my vid.


  1. This is very nice Isz Wisz!!! Any idea when you plan to break ground?

  2. lol i know the feeling all too well.


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