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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Selections complete

Selections are complete!  In our area, we worked with Structured Cable of Virginia and CTI.  Both of these agencies were very accommodating, professional, informative, and a pleasure all around.

Because I work in IT, having another company provide cabling did not appeal to me.  I require CAT6 to support the bandwidth in my internal network, and the cost was high $195/room.  Instead, I opted to request two CAT6 lines run to the attic where I could drop my own lines into each room at a fraction of the cost.  Phone lines are of little use to me, but we had one run to the kitchen and another to the master suite.  We had a cable line run to the family room and to the master suite.  The alarm system offered was probably a good deal, but again, I am certain it will be better installing this myself.

One detail that did slip past me was requesting a PVC tube run from the basement to the attic.  SCVA was willing to provide this, which would have been a very well worth it option.  Unfortunately, the idea came to me just after finalizing my selections.  Those building, should consider it, even if your aren't cable-wiring savvy, since down the road when you decide you want to run wire to the second floor, can do so almost painlessly!

Working with CTI was akin to feeling like being in an episode of something on HGTV.  We splurged a little and requested Natural Blonde Hickory 4" planks in the following rooms:
  • Morning Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Foyer
This cost was about $10K added.
We chose Timberlake Tahoe Cherry Bordeaux cabinets for the kitchen, Luna Pearl granite counter tops and stainless appliances.  We felt the floors needed to be light to offset the darker color of the cabinets, but also felt the darker color streaks within the Hickory floor grain perfectly matched the Cherry Bordeaux cabinets.  Pictures we took don't capture it, but we were captured!

Double-bowl cultured-marble vanity in the master suite, with Timberlake Maple Spice cabinets. and tile/ceramic throughout.  Fortunately, our subdivision gave us incentives to accommodate tile and ceramic surround by default, with mosaic tile trim decorating the upgraded alternate shower bath option we selected.  All other bathrooms, utility room, powder room, and mud room are tile.

We upgraded the carpet in the partially finished basement one level.  We did not upgrade carpet or padding anywhere else.  This may have been a mistake, but I didn't have any real experience to allow me to know for certain if there would be a noticeable difference.

Composite, 12x16.

Although there is laminate in one of the pictures, we opted to replace it last minute (washer/dryer room) with tile.

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  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land! So happy you chose to come on board! What a pleasure it will be to follow your journey! I look forward to all that you have to offer the community and watch another FABULOUS ROME built! Your selections are awesome. I can't wait to see your home being built!

    How do I join your blog? If you want bloggers to follow your journey you can add the join this site button to your page and turn the word verification off, it makes us decipher this weird word before we can leave a comment.

    I really do not know how to follow your journey without it, if you do please share. thanks a bunch!

    1. BTW-I wish I could have know how to save money on the wiring selections. We found someone who can finish the large storage room for us with to create my husband's man cave. We asked to get the pvc pipe and it was denied! :-(

  2. Hello! We are also building in FC and are very excited to read your blog. We had a hard time picking some of our selections and went back and forth on the hardwood floors. We actually ended up going with the hickory floors as well but we have the darkest cabinets( I can't recall the color name at the moment but they almost appear black). I am very excited to see what it all ends up looking like!

    1. Nice! There's a lot of places one can screw up while building a house, but I'm visualizing coming home to a stunning view of those gorgeous hickory floors throughout with knowledge the craftsman did a great job placing them. It's going to be therapeutic!

  3. Love your new home. I love the elevation you chose, it wasn't an option at our development. It is so much fun and sometimes kinda scary to read other's blogs. Super excited to keep reading about your new build. Check out my blog if you get a chance.

  4. Working in IT as well and was cabling 20+ years ago, I hated spending every single dollar paying to get anything wired. I wish I had thought of running a line into the attic and completing it myself later like you.


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