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Friday, December 19, 2014

Adorne Legrande

We are really trying to bring in a level of WOW to our front entrance and formal Dining Room areas. With the completion of the Sitting Room, and Wainscoting in the main hallway, we started thinking there might be a couple more ways to add some jewelry to these spaces.

First eye-soar was the heat registers.  I can't believe how boring they looked, and more importantly how I didn't notice their blandness until after I started adding some trim work.  I was certain they made designer heat registers, though I hadn't really looked or even thought of the concept.  Well, after looking into the matter, we ended up replacing (most of) them with some satin nickel ones from Lowe's.

It was incredible the transformation this little enhancement made!  But, be careful if you decide to do this yourself.  Our home has a number of different sized registers.  4x10, 4x12, and 4x14.  These Allen & Roth hear registers don't come in 4x14, so we are ordering the matte black ones for our Family Room.

Another enhancement we chose, was replacing the default electrical outlets, and switches with something nicer, something with more control.  Shopping around I came to learn about the Legrande Adorne collection.  This company makes it all, but yes, it will be $pendy!  I've only replaced outlets and switches in a few locations, because the cost is too high.  Maybe in time I will get to other spots.

Like the registers, replacing the outlets and switches in the Sitting Room, Dining Room & Foyer was mainly to bring another level of jewelry to these spaces.  But, I also wanted functionality improvements as well.

Example... we usually leave early in the morning, and walk out the front door in darkness.  This means I have to turn on the lamp light in our yard to get to the vehicle safely.  When I come home, I can't help but feeling that I just wasted a whole day of electricity, since there is no way to turn off the light once I drive away.  To solve this, I opted for the Adorne Sensaswitch.

I don't have the motion configured, rather we just set the number of minutes, and the lights automatically turn off.

Next to this switch, are two SoftTap switches, one for the hallway, and the other for the porch.  Below are a few pics I took after installation.

Front entrance

Wireless Touch Dimmer for the Sitting Room

SoftTap switch for the Stairwell lights

Outlet with custom face plate in the Dining Room

Another option for the Adorne collection is the customizeable face plates. They add up too, but for the showy rooms, I splurged on them so the wall paint would match the face plate color.  Instead of painting the insert that comes with, you can use wallpaper or whatever.  We're pretty happy with the way it came out.



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