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Monday, May 6, 2013

Porch swings

In a previous post, I talked about the porch swing I really wanted for the front porch.  Well, turns out my folks bought be one off Ebay that wasn't quite the one I wanted, but still a nice swing.  Once we started getting settled in, I decided I would use the swing my folks bought me in the back, under the deck.  Then late, I decided to get the one I wanted for the front porch.  Now I am extra happy, because both swings really fit nicely!

For the back deck, I went to Lowe's to purchase some stain, the color is Dark Walnut, though I think the end result was lighter than expected because either the wood, or more likely, I didn't actually stir it that well (as I a found out later).  Each slat was removed, stained, varnished, then reassembled by my expert assistant.

The front porch swing I knew would be a bit more challenging, since hanging it would require removing all of the soffit and trying to find suitable points for the eye-bolts. I had troves of photos I had taken of the house during its building stage, but in all, there were only like 4 or 5 that showed the underneath of the porch ceiling trusses.  The laterally mounted studs which span the porch were not going to be acceptable, so instead I drilled through the truss, having a nice vertical support stud to place the eye-bolt.  The chain that came with the swing was super thick, too thick, rated for 1300 lbs, making the swing capable of sustaining a ton of weight.  They looked kinda ugly, so I bought more chain at Lowe's to get something nicer looking, yet still rated to support a great deal of weight.  Once the swing was mounted and positioned the correct height and angle, I re-installed the soffit.  When I got the the location where an eye-bolt was going to be, I simply set the vinyl panel in place, reached up an over with a long pencil, dropped it down the hole I drilled, and marked a point on the back side of the panel to drill the hole.  Actually the previous soffit install job was suffering because the final piece was too long, and would drop down looking like the ceiling was falling out. I trimmed the last piece a little smaller, and now it all looks flawless.


The Back Deck

The Front Porch


  1. This awesome Isz Wisz!! Your daughter ROCKS!! She is learning early! Both look really nice and I love the planters on the porch! I considered adding some to our porch. Did you remove the entire panel to install the front porch swing?

  2. I love the swings the front porch one is my favorite! And your assistant did a great job, does she travel for jobs?

  3. Love the porch swing and love that your daughter helped!


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