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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Furniture shopping

Today we went out furniture shopping.  So many rooms to fill up with stuff that the ol' apartment caliber stuff just won't do.

It's true, Elevation N has captured our hearts.  I've become very infatuated with it so much I love taking  tons of pictures with every visit.  The cottage style, with hip roof, thick pilasters, country porch, tin roof, double gable is charming and will be a treat to roll home to any day of the week.

With my previous render stage, I feel I've really come to understand the transitional cottage style, and hope to capture it even more so as we get into the interior decorating stage.

Morning Room

While I can't afford to just drop cash on a just-add-water approach to filling up the Rome with furniture, I have been able to triage whats most important, namely the high traffic areas.  In our home, in our lifestyle, the Morning Room will be heavily used.  So we are starting there first.

Out & about, today we stopped by Virginia Wayside Furniture.  We've toured a number of other places, like Ashley, Haynes, Rooms-to-Go, and others, and yes those places occasionally have some nice stuff, but today was a refreshing sight for soar eyes.  This place was chock-full of quality furniture, with a plethora of options, custom order capabilities, and raw inspiration.  Also, I'm normally turned off by sales people, and would rather shop alone.  But today, we were met by Barbara, and we all had a ton of fun working with her as she helped us relate to what we were looking for.

We've come to accept that the morning room, being a center piece to our lifestyle, should deserve something durable, beefy, fun, lasting, and yet still fit within our country-cottage idea.  With that, the distressed pedestal table felt like a perfect fit.

We've scoured the internet for pedestal tables, and while there were some good ones, they either seemed too spendy, or too cheap.  One of the biggest concerns was getting a table we could really use, beat up over time, and know it would only look better with age.

Well today we found that table... a Nickols & Stone Antiguan 50" round, with 20" leaf.

Originally, when we assessed this table, we weren't thrilled how the base took up a large amount of floor space.  But we loved the cherry-stained wood top, and thick, black, distressed, pedestal base, and chunky apron.

I honestly don't know one furniture manufacture from another, but I can tell a quality made product when I see it.  Apparently Nickols & Stone has a great reputation, so I expect we are in for a life-long addition, good for many omelets, hash-browns, waffles, or whatever!

As for chairs?  Well we didn't get any.  Yes, the ones in the picture above are amazing.  And for being solid wood, they were extremely contouring and comfortable.  Sadly, they were over $400 a piece... currently too rich for my blood.  Maybe later I'll splurge, or find something more reasonable.


Perhaps strange to some, but the porch is next on our list for high traffic areas.  In fact this was the primary reason we went with Elevation N and perhaps top of the list for house requirements.  To that we are looking at this porch swing.

The red in the image above is nice, but fortunately PorchSwings.Com sells a variety of colors.  I think the Sage Green color will tie perfectly to the black door, and green siding of our home.

Everywhere Else

Yes, we still need practical stuff, like the refrigerator, and washer dryer, but that stuff isn't as fun to shop around for as the fun we had today.

Until next time...



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  2. When do you close? I was out looking for bar stools today. I think I found my new bedroom set by Broyhill. Now we just need to find a new dining room table for the morning room. That is pretty high on my list as well. It must be sturdy! All of the pieces that I spent MONEY on...still LOOKS great today. SO I am all for paying for reliable furniture. You can go cheap with accessories but you must pay for pieces that are heavily used.

    1. Nice... what did you find? I've been searching heavily online for bar stools, and the ones I think I like are: There are a lot of styles to choose from, but always curious what others are looking at.

    2. Not in LOVE with the bar stools I found today. I would prefer a COMFORTABLE back to them. Additionally, I want them to swivel. I will let you know once I find the right ones.

      I am hesitant to order online since returning furniture is usually expensive.

    3. OMG, Isz Wisz....this city girl has fallen in love with the country charm of the porch! I absolutely love it and the swing would be too cute! I may have to steal this idea, only and only if my husband can work with it! LOL I told him I wanted two of the cracker barrel rocking chairs in black and he wasn't too thrilled. LOL

      On another note: I absolutely love love love your table! We purchased the same shape table for our dining room from Arhaus. I think the picture is on my blog under furnishings!

      Check out for the bar stools--they have a lot to offer!


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