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Friday, May 10, 2013

In the gutter


  1. ewww nasty i was thinking the other day we might need to look into those gutter guards because i know neither one of us wants to climb up there and clean the gutters.

  2. Right, it's not for the feint of heart! In fact, the 24' ladder I used only gets me up to the front two gutters, the back is at least another 12' higher, so there is no chance in cleaning those. Gonna have to get the pros in to install something!

    1. Hi we are building a Ryan Homes here in Chesterfield County also. Was wondering if you had any issues with the appraisal. The sales rep told us there hasn't been a home that didn't appraise for the purchase price but we are a little worried. Was wondering if your home appraised for the purchase price and what you know about the homes around this area. Thanks!

    2. It's a double-edge sword. You may pay taxes on something valued more, but should you sell, it may have to sell for less. Still though, my appraisal came back valuing my home for more than I paid, so I guess that is good. Chesterfield is assessing it at $25K more... bastards! The reality, I think is in the current market, should you build, best to sit on the house a few years or longer, otherwise you will be competing with Ryan and other builders. After all, who wants a used home, if you can build a new one for less!


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