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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Towel rack space

Anyone researching the Rome will know that the master bathroom is a little limiting.  Small in size, lacking towel bars, shower door location... but trying to maximize functionality, and loving it anyway, I found a place for some additional matching towel rings purchased at Homegoods. If you get the chance to see the master bath before drywall, you will know the right side of the vanity has a ventilation duct filling much of the space behind the wall.  To securely mount a towel ring means you may likely require puncturing the duct. In my case, and possibly yours, you may get lucky, since as it turned out, drilling through the wall, at the exact mid-point, 11", I just skiffed the metal edge and retained the integrity of the vent shaft.


  1. Awesome! So glad I saw this post! Now I need to add three towel rings to my list. I thought we only needed one for the Powder Room. The large towel rack across form the toilet seems completely useless. Oh, and please, be my guest and drip water all over my floor to get to the large towel rack.

    For the Master Bath, we're getting the shower with seat & soaking tub. The only large towel rack is near the soaking tub. Did you find somewhere else to put bath towels?


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