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Friday, August 22, 2014

Turn that Crown Upside Down

It's not just a pun, it's a mnemonic meant to keep one from screwing up when cutting pieces of crown molding.  These past couple days, I've managed to get a fair chunk of the work nailed up.  Definitely not something I've ever done before, and to some extent it shows...

  • Cuts too short
  • Angles don't line up
  • Shot a nail through my thumb 

That's right, a nail through my thumb, well actually I got lucky in that it didn't penetrate deep, rather it went int maybe a millimeter or two beneath the skin and emerged out the other side.  I am pretty sure it's user error. I ordered a nail gun kit from Home Depot: 

The four guns set me back just $100, so that seemed like a good deal, plus I could use all of them in various projects, I figured.  Not knowing my @ss from a brad nail, finish nail, or really anything about nail guns (except that I think I needed either the 16 gauge or the 18 gauge for crown molding), I managed to insert 16 gauge brad nails into a 16 gauge finish nail gun.  After firing one out, I thought nice, how easy!  But then the second one wouldn't fire.  Thinking I had a jam, I disconnected the air hose.  This causes the second brad nail to shoot out, through my thumb.  Can't say I've won any Darwin awards yet, but I sure was trying!

I realized I didn't have any 16 gauge finish nails, which the picture above deceivingly suggests I did, I turned toward the 18 gauge brad nail gun for all my work.  With 2" brad nails, I was rocking and rolling.  Also, worth pointing out, the 18 gauge brad nail gun has a safety action on the nose that won't fire the gun unless it is pressed up against something, whereas the 16 gauge doesn't have this feature.

Here are some pics of my work so far.  Keep in mind, there's a lot of caulking involved!  Some of the pics have it, some don't.  All in all, after it is all filled in, the boards will need to be re-painted, and then after that, the walls will get painted.


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