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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Little Putty, A Little Paint

As my good neighbor says... A little putty, a little paint, make it look like what it aint!

This last week I finished the crown throughout the upstairs, including all the caulking.  By were there some serious flaws in the squareness of the room!  I really should have complained, but 1) we all know what Ryan Home's file cabinet that ends up in, and 2) I don't have time for that whole mess.  I made due with what I had.

Having some neighbors over, we got to talking about the paint colors we were planning on.  Definitely a dark blue color for the Loft area.  Probably a stone, slate, taupe, tan color for the rest of the upstairs.  But, one of the concerns raised was having to adjoining walls being painted a different color.  We didn't like this idea, and our neighbor suggested we divide the corner with some trim work.

I stewed on this a day or so, and took my ideas to Chief Architect.

In the picture above, the area where I was having a problem with colors touching was on that corner wall where the Linen Closet is.  The tan color, would have been touching the blue color.  Can't say I was a fan of that.  So in Chief Architect, I began drafting up trim work to match the columns.  Pretty incredible results, I thought, but to be sure I passed the render around to some friends to get their thoughts, 1) if they liked it, and 2) how it might be built.

Unlike building the other column, which were all pre-fab, in my garage, these I built piece-by-piece against the wall.  EXTREME exhaustion, as I must have went up and down the stairs, over 100x yesterday putting the plan to action.

Before getting started however, I relied on another tool, Google SketchUp to get me some exact dimensions.

Then, with my 18 gauge brad nail gun, I began tacking up the pieces.

Right Side

Left Side

I've got a couple more pieces of crown to put up, then a lot of putty and paint.  I hope to start painting the walls this week!


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging about all these customizations you're making. There are so many things I WANT to do, but don't know if it'll look good in our house. The corner trim was an idea on my list, though mine will be much simpler than yours! :)

  2. This is excellent work! We have a lot of initiative in common. I hadnt even thought of the handrail post build ups idea, the oak ones do look a bit wimpy. Definitely going to borrow some inspriration from you on that one, thanks :)


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