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Friday, August 8, 2014

Starting the LOFT

So I am sick a waiting.  Anxiously awaiting, putting off household projects for other life events, I could wait no more.  This past couple weeks I decided I was going to start putting up crown molding (moulding?) and what better place that to start in the Loft, that place I previously rendered with Chief Architect, with stunning results.

Desired result:

Actually, much like the garage effort, the inspiration to start came from a ridiculous sale on tower speakers at  I couldn't possibly listen to these nice new speakers in my loft without having the ambiance to go with.

Off to Lowe's.

My first trip I ended up with a contractor's pack of crown molding.  I wasn't going glitz in the loft with the crown, rather I wanted to bring a level of architectural interest into it with the columns and the sconce lighting as is revealed in the render above.

Crown painted, but it cannot go up before the columns.  So let's start framing those out.

Each column is taking about 3 days (after work) to build up.  The sconces don't actually match what I picked for the render, but we found these for < $30 at Lowe's.  I think they will do.

I've got two complete,  only 4 more to frame out.  Once they are all built, I will prime them, then paint them a semi-gloss white, to match the same paint used in the crown molding.

Oh wait, there is more!  So the speakers I purchased.  Well, that got me to wanting 7.1 channel surround sound in the loft, so I decided to also fit each column out with in-wall speakers.  So, just below the sconce, about sitting level, I will route a square hole for placing 8" in wall speakers designed by Micca.

Amazon reviews really spoke well of this speaker, and the cost is incredibly less expensive than more popular names.  So I have high hopes.

I'll post more later!


  1. really looking forward to seeing this progress. my loft is bugging me, i can't decide what i want to do with it! :)


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