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Friday, September 21, 2012

Plot, Plat, Lot?

There are many important things to consider when building a house.  No doubt how they are ranked vary between buyers.  For me, location ranked near the top.  I am not 100% satisfied with the subdivision I ended up in, but I am pretty close.  When selecting a lot, it was very important to be on a cul-de-sac.  For some psychological reason these lots appear desirable, but for me this is how I grew up.  When given a demonstration of other lots, I observed grid boxes on some, gaping storm drains on others, and in some cases the threat of privacy due to the angle of the house against other lots.  The process of selecting a lot seemed rushed.  Being inexperienced I felt I had to wing it and muster as much intuition as I could.  Now that the decision had been made, some time ago, today I am still very satisfied with what I am getting.  In some ways, since I was the first Ryan Home buyer in the subdivision, I got to cherry pick.  I am thankful for that, but I do get that coming into a well developed neighborhood can offer nice deals too, since builders are trying to unload their risk.

Without further adieu, here is my lot, or is it plat, or plot???

I am desperately hoping I can sway my PM (when I meet him), to keep as many trees as humanly possible.  Even still, I am loving that our house backs up to a conservation area, where no trees can be removed.  Aft of this conservation area is another road, and houses don't occur until the other side of it.  Rainy days are gorgeous to me, times to look forward too.  With the little creek bed near the large black dashed line, I might hear faint sounds of trickling water, that is if I am not enjoying the sound of rain-drops on a tin roof instead.


  1. Hi your plat looks huge! What is the square footage of your plat? I like the placement. Especially being able to hear the sounds of nature! That's awesome!

    I left you two messages on your first blog -- check it out! I can only find your site when I go to my email I have no idea how to acces someone's blog without the join this site button! Help. Lol


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