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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stairwell & Wainscoting Renders

I posted earlier some renderings of a vision I had for the Stairwell, most of that though was a concept centering on replacing carpet with hardwood.  I think that is still in the plan, but I've since realized just how expensive that is going to be (including the Loft), and decided to hold off.

Wainscoting, however, is relatively cheap.  Well, cheaper.  One of the key factors in wainscoting the Hallway was to use the same design concept that I created initially in the Stairwell.  Now that I have pulled off, with a fair degree of success, adding wainscoting to the Hallway, and now to the Mudroom, I feel a bit more confident in tackling the Stairwell (minus hardwood floors).

The Hallway wasn't a total success.  Yes, I am 99% pleased with the way it came out, but that 1% sort of bothers me.  When I painted in Brown, and hated it, the dark color was too overpowering for the Olympic brand trim paint I was using.  Even after a 4th coat, I could still see color.  Tired of re-painting, I went to Lowe's to get a better quality paint.  Here, an employee recommended the Valspar Semi-brilliant White Signature Series paint (did not require mixing).  After a couple applications of this, yes, it definitely covered up the old brown, but the way this paint dried left a really bumpy texture.  At first I thought maybe the fan was one and causing it to dry too fast.  Not so, as the next day I applied another round, and same thing.  In fact, this paint is so sticky, that it leaves little flakes sticking out, possibly form a former dried coat.  I also thought it was the roller.  Not so, as I even tried different rollers.  So I am as of this post, unsure how to solve this problem, since I would really like a nice smooth trim white surface.

Enough of that.  I still have much more trim painting to do, so perhaps I will find a brand that will work.

More on to some eye-candy...

These pics are renders I created in Sketchup.  I switch to a portrait view to capture some of the height characteristics of the Hallway.

That print is wall art I found online, so I ordered it.  We are going to frame it in a distressed white picture frame, maybe something off of Etsy.

Been watching a lot of youtube vids about how to make newels, and replace carpet stairs with hardwood.  I like the columns here, since they add continuity and sophistication.  I think I will be doing that next.


  1. Here's why you are having an issue with the paint. You can't just doing coat after coat and hope for success and coverage. You should have primed and saved yourself a ton of trouble. Then the bumpy texture you are getting is from a lack of sanding. Also you should not have airflow moving over the paint. Here's the steps I would take:
    1: Lightly sand surface until smooth and all bumps and boogers are gone.
    2. Prime with Sherwin Williams Premium Wood and Wall Primer. Again lightly sand until smooth. Very lightly. Apply a second coat if need be.
    3. Use a quality trim paint if painting wood such as SW ProClassic. If you are rolling, use a small nap so you don't get stippling, or brush it on.

    1. Thanks for the tips James! I have been seeing slightly better results with no fan. And I think you are right about sanding and good wall primer. But all that sanding sounds like a ton of work! I probably should have gone with SW, as I hear they are more like consultants rather than Lowe's who are slinging paint.

  2. Sanding is work, but less work than repainting 4 times ;) I adhere to the belief of do it right the first time. Ultimately skipping steps and using cheaper material will likely add both time and expense to a project. Also, the hardest thing about painting is trying to correct issues after they've happened due to lack of prep work. Sure, sanding might as an extra hour, BUT it will really save you time when you are displeased with how it came out. Now you spend hours, if not days, debating on what to do and are left taking corrective actions. I'm no expert painter, but buying quality materials and doing extra prep have always left me satisfied. Good luck, it's all looking great!


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