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Monday, October 20, 2014

Chair Rail

Once you start, it's hard to stop.  With the completion of the Morning Room, and a conversation with the neighbors, I decided to start adding chair rail to the Family Room.

Starting on the wall which makes up the back side of the house, where we opted for two windows, was easy, since the casing I added to the Morning Room entrance made for a nice stop for the chair rail.

We wanted the chair rail to pass through fireplace at a particular height to draw your eye towards it. Technically the chair rail is probably a bit higher than chair rail is supposed to be, maybe counter height?  But, it's a decorative, not really a practical function.

Having a nice stopping point on the other side of the room, where the hallway to the front of the house extends, however, was more of a challenge.  For starters, I intend that each entrance will be booted, like the columns, and was done for the Morning Room.  The problem with this entrance, the entrance to the Kitchen, Family Room, was that it couldn't really be cased as it were.  This is because of the damned bulkhead that extend the entire width of the house--erghhh!  I hate that bulkhead!

To solve this problem, I actually built down the entrance about 4 inches, just to make room for the 3 1/2" casing.  That worked out mostly OK, except on the left side of the entrance, the crappy bulkhead is warped lower, than on the right side.  Yet another fine example of Ryan Homes SUCKY attention to detail.  Sure, my work is straight as an arrow, wish I could say the same for their work. Sadly, there isn't much I can do to fix it, so we just pressed forward.


  1. Looks amazing as per usual! Way to get creative on that doorway. I love your paint color choices as well. I want to see some pictures of the whole room!!

    1. Thanks Collete! I've since moved into doing the formal dining room and sitting room, and now the hallway, except in the front hallway (foyer) I didn't like the chair rail, and ended up tearing that down and putting up wainscoting. I am about done with that, just need to pain it all trim white. I'll post about it soon ;)


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