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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elevation N - Taking shape

Stopped by this morning to check on *things* and dropped off a box of donuts for the crew. 

This is a favorite pic which really shows off the colossal dimension of the house.  I had no idea the house would end up looking so HUGE!!!  I think this perception is created perhaps in part due to the foundation being situated higher than expected, which I believe is caused by the slope of the lot having less of an incline than originally thought.

Early on, I had doubts about the hip roof, and in previous drama there was a point I switched to another elevation.  I am EXTREMELY glad I switched back though, since the hip roof has grown on me, and I now really like it.  As my dad says, "just means there's less room for Santa's sleigh!"

Box of Donuts

The crew is a great team!  When I stop by, they seem very friendly.  My mom, who came by to visit with me and my daughter the other day, speaks fluently in several languages, including Spanish.  I know very little myself, but it helps to have her "gift-of-gab" to break the cultural boundary.  After a long talk she had with one of the workers, she told me she said to them I was quite grateful, and that we are just guests in their work space.

Indeed I am... Quite Grateful!


  1. Wonderful post! I am digging this elevation too. It looks so different in person. I see you also have the infamous grand caramel brick to grade. Beautiful color.

  2. Ya... grand caramel is gorgeous, if not hypnotic! My SR jokes about it, wondering why they even offer anything else :D

  3. Your house definitely has a unique quality with that roof! I love the grand caramel brick too!

  4. So THAT'S what that's called! Also, so THAT'S what a hip roof is! lol


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