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Monday, September 22, 2014

Window Casing

This weekend, we were getting ourselves another step closer to adding a back-splash to the kitchen. With that, we went to Lowe's to get ourselves some pre-primed, pine 3 1/2" window casing.  For those of you who have Romes, you were probably told that they weren't going to case your windows. At the time, when I was making the purchase, I didn't really know what that meant, and probably if it was explained to me, I waived it off as non-essential.  Who knows, maybe Ryan Homes offers window casing for there more up-scale models, I don't know?

Regardless, I am sorta glad it wasn't included, since the casing I want is an inch larger than the casing used on the doors--same profile, just wider.

Some might think that it might look funny, since technically the casing doesn't match the doors, but I think it is close enough, and the extra width still fits within the window sill base, and gives it a touch more of a craftsman feel (just a touch).

Our plan is to case all the windows, but for now just the morning room, and also the entrance to the morning room.  Casing the windows in the morning room, though, posed one question for me... how would I go about trimming the middle spaces between the windows?  I didn't want to just leave it un-cased, as I thought that would look awkward.  So, while at Lowe's we looked at small 8 ft. trim pieces with a profile that would allow it to edge up to the small side of the window casing profile.  We used a little glue and a 23 gauge nailer/pinner to fix them in place.

As of this writing, I haven't completed casing the entrance way to the morning room.  But that will be next.


  1. Looks good! I kinda-sorta figured out that there wouldn't be any casing, since our model didn't have any, but for the most part I think I like it. Though I have to admit that it does add a little somethin-somethin when I see it in the morning room there! :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's a subtle improvement that looks like it was always there. But, now the family room windows feel a little left out. I guess the good thing is, at least as I see it, it's like $66 for a contractor pack on 10 of these 8' boards, which in perspective would cover about 4 windows. Seems pretty reasonable, and cheaper to do yourself.

  2. Looks great!!!!! We also have the hickory floors... Have you had any problems with them so far????

    1. So far no problems, well, maybe they laid them too tight, so there is some scalloping, but all'n all we love them. We plan to do hickory upstairs too, except a much darker, and possibly hand-scraped, if we can find something we like. How about you?


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