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Monday, March 2, 2015


Previously I talked about how I was able to raise the cabinets.  This was a double benefit:
  1. More counter top space
  2. Not perfectly fits 1 full sheet of tile
Having a little cabin fever with the recent snow, we decided to get out to lowes and look at grout colors. We ended up with two grout colors, anthracite (black) and a silver.  We chose two (non-sanded, because we were putting up glass tile) because they really didn't have the color of gray we were looking for.  Not sure if this is common, but we did notice that to color ended up drying lighter than the color ratio we mixed it with.  Perhaps this is due to the water added making it look darker?

Putting up this mesh-back tile was really easy!

Our fridge doesn't exactly fit in the space, so tiling a five square perimeter makes it look a lot better.

We agreed that facing the light switches with white face plates was a bad idea.  On the other hand, getting the faceplate pictured, took forever.  We think they make them special order, but that is a guess.  They are expensive though, which kinda sucks, but in the end I think the look is worth it.

 Still more to do, will discuss in the next post.



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